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  • Country: Australia
  • Location: 2137 NSW
  • Address: Breakfast Point
  • Phone number: 0404 049 320
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    Body Transformations for Life offer a range of services to suit any individual. Our one on one personal training solutions are tailored to suit the individuals goals. Our goal is to help you achieve your goal in a safe and fun environment. We use the latest techniques and provide the necessary guidance and support to ensure your goal is reached.

    Our services are detailed further below.

    One on One Personal Training
    As the title suggests we offer personal training solutions to meet your needs. We do not make you do something that is physically impossible and nor make you life heavy weights.

    What we do do is put together a plan of weights and cardio based training that when tailored with a healthy diet will boost your metabolism so that you lose weight.

    We can also put together plans that allow you to put on muscle, build strength should this be your goal.

    We help individuals from all walks of life from youngsters (above 12 years of age) looking to lose weight or tone up, to mature individuals that need some help to maintain a healthy lifestyle to individuals that have let life get in the way and are now looking to lose weight.

    We have experience with teenagers, obese, disabled, mature age, post menopause, women with pelvic floor issues, individuals looking to gain entry in armed forces and much.

    No matter what your goal, we can assist you. We will help you in every way possible but the first step starts with you.

    Our solutions are cost effective, tailored and achievable.

    Personal Exercise and Nutrition Plans
    Can’t afford personal training, want to train by yourself or need guidance on healthy eating than our personal nutrition and exercise plans are what you are looking for.

    Our exercise plans will map out what you need to do on a weekly basis to hit your goal. They come with instructions on how to perform exercise safely.

    * Our nutrition plans provide you with the necessary tools to help you lose weight. Each plan is tailored to your required calorie intake and designed to make you feel like you are eating healthy and not dieting. We follow the basic principals of paleo with a slight twist. We call it healthy, sustainable eating.

    You are required to provide a food diary so we can help you tailor your diet to ensure you reach your goal, maintain your desired calorie intake. Our plans are tailored around your health and lifestyle needs whether that be a 12 hour a day work with little exercise to a diabetic who has specific dietary requirements.

    All our plans come with email support. Should you require phone or face to face support we can provide at additional fees.

    * It should be noted that we are not nutritionists or dieticians. We provide guidance based on a healthy lifestyle and any nutrition specialist overrides our advise. We recommend you seek advise from your doctor before engaging in any diet change especially if you have current health issues.

    Group/Boxing/Bootcamp Training
    Looking for something fun and exciting that can be done with some friends or work colleagues, then come and try our boxing, running or bootcamp groups.

    Current sessions on offer are

    Wednesday 12pm boxing session (45 mins)
    Wednesday, Thursday & Friday at 6am and 7am
    Wednesday & Friday run clinics

    Want a personalised group session for your office or a bunch of friends, then give us a call to discuss a half price trial.

    Weight/Fat Loss Training
    Need to lose a few or many kilos? Want to learn from someone who has lost 50kg and kept it off for 5+ years. I will show you how to live a healthy life without the feeling of dieting and how to maintain it for life

    Triathlon Specific Training
    Having recently become and Ironman after finishing Ironman Western Australia in December 2012. I can offer you structured yet tailored programs in swimming, bike and running. Whether its your first enticer triathlon or something more specific with a half or full ironman than we have something for you.

    Run Coaching
    New to running or looking to better your PB and need some help. We offer one one one and group run clinics. Our clinics focus on teaching you the better way to run to ensure the mechanics are in place so you can maintain stride and speed for long and reduce the risk of injury.

    TRX Training
    Don’t like lifting weights and need something else to rip you up. We can show you how to use the TRX to target those problem areas and have you achieving the results you desire. Learn how to use bodyweight effectively to tone your body and build muscle.

    Stretching and Flexibility
    An important phase of any training regime. We teach you how stretch your body to avoid injury and be more flexible. Our techniques allow you to make small changes to your body over time and achieve amazing results. Whether you are male or female, young or old stretching and flexibility is a key component to your lifestyle.

    The first step is to contact us today for an obligation free chat. We will explain it all and we will put your mind at ease. Ask for Brad.

    Hormones & Fatloss
    Put simply fasting = results because it burns your fat stores rather than the food you give your body.

    Times have changed from days when you had to eat a carb breakfast, and so has science. Look at the word BREAKFAST = BREAK FAST, when we eat we break our fasting. Why would we do this if we were trying to increase the bodies efficiency to burn fat.

    Let’s look at timing, most people wake up around 6-7am and at this time Cortisol is at an all time high, this is a good thing. Cortisol is known to tear down muscle tissue, which is bad but it also destroys fat, helping release fat from fat cells. We want Cortisol to attack fast cells and ideally happen when inssulin levels are naturally at their lowest; i.e. in the morning. In the morning when Insulin levels are low, Cortisol levels are high allowing the fat burning to take place.

    The role of cortisol in the body

    Help the body to manage stress
    Convert protein into glucose to boost flagging blood sugar levels
    Work in tandem with the hormone insulin to maintain constant blood sugar levels
    Reduce inflammation
    Contribute to the maintenance of constant blood pressure
    Contribute to the workings of the immune system.

    Now if all is well we would want Cortisol to be at its highest possible levels for the longest period of time, it trigges triglycerides into free fatty acids for your metabolism and this is what we call FREE FAT LOSS. However this can only happen if we do not eat carboyhydrates when we wake.

    I hear you ask the question well if we cannot eat carbs how about proteins and fats. When we sleep there is a hormone that is released throughout the night, its called Ghrelin. This hormone is often referred to as the hunger hormone and is often at its highest levels when we wake in the morning which is why (as my son loves to put it) starving or put another way ravenous.

    Whilst Gherlin is released during the night while you sleep so is growth hormone, as your growth hormone levels rise so too does the bodies ability to release fat. This released fat is used as a fuel source and therefore decreases the bodies ability to break down lean muscle tissue. If we have high Gheril, mixed with growth hormone we reach an ideal state with your Cortisol levels being high in the morning, what happens is your lean muscle tissue is preserved and as a result you only break down fat cells. By fasting for 3-6 hours upon waking we use these hormones at their peak and burn more fat. Upon eating the peak of your hormones will stop burning fat cells and start burining the carbs, protein or fats you give your body.

    Want a fat burning machine, the answer is simple push back your first meal of the day by 3-6 hours and intermittently fast, don’t forget to exercise and you will see massive results.

    Lets not forget there are many variations of fasting, Lemon Detox, Water Diet, African Mango and many many more. Fasting needs to be controlled and done in the right fashion to gain the benefits. If I eat crap I do this exact program for between 2-4 days and cleanse my body, I feel healthier, lighter, my skin is clearer and I have an amazing ability to think clearly and absorb information.

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